In Case You Missed It: San Jose Mercury News Editorial: “CEQA Reform Must be Comprehensive,” 9/9/13

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 9, 2013

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SACRAMENTO – In a recent editorial, the San Jose Mercury News urged the legislature to pass comprehensive CEQA reform this session that will curb abuses of the law and benefits worthy projects statewide.

The Mercury News is one of many newspapers throughout California that have editorialized in favor of meaningful CEQA reform this year.

San Jose Mercury News, Editorial, September 6, 2013, “CEQA Reform Must be Comprehensive”

  • “…CEQA is regularly abused. Labor unions use it to extract concessions from developers. NIMBYs use it to stop development in their backyards. And businesses use it to stop competitors from expanding. The law needs to be updated to help stop these abuses.”
  • “If special interests continue abusing CEQA, and if Sacramento continues giving exemptions to those it favors without reforming the law for all, public support of CEQA could falter over time. That could open the door to sweeping changes that would weaken CEQA’s valuable environmental protections, which truly would be harmful to California.”

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